About Bluewater Borders Landscape Curbing

Bluewater Borders is the premier supplier and installer of continuous concrete curbing and landscape edging in southwestern Ontario. Our innovative and exacting installation measures are guaranteed to transform the look, feel and value of your property, creating a polished look that’s nothing short of extraordinary.


At Bluewater Borders, we take pride in producing the perfect concrete solutions for our residential and commercial customers. Our services include:


  • Extruded walkway installations: Clean and quick to set, extruded walkways are a cost-effective alternative to out-dated concrete designs.
  • Driveway liners and Belgium block: Add strength and distinction to your driveway or walkway with this rock-solid decorative border product.
  • Landscape lighting: Accent your landscape with curbing that features built-in illumination.



Continuous concrete curbing is the ideal improvement for any property. Not only does it add character to your lawn, but it’s also engineered to reduce regular landscaping maintenance.


Our innovative edging products:


    • Prevent erosion and help improve irrigation within flowerbeds
    • Provide a distinct barrier between landscaping and grass, keeping creeping roots at bay
    • Reduce the need for trimming and edging
    • Preserves bedding materials and mulch by preventing displacement


Our installation experts use the most innovative curbing technology to ensure your garden border will stand the test of time. Contact our office today to request an obligation free quote and learn more about our unique concrete curbing products

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