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Decorative Landscape Edging F.A.Q.s


Q. How strong is concrete landscape curbing?

A. Our decorative landscape edging is extremely strong; in fact, it’s capable of handling upwards of 3000 pounds of force per square inch.


Q. How do you reinforce your decorative curbing?

A. All of our decorative curbing is reinforced with galvanized wire cable. This cable increases the strength of our concrete landscape borders immensely, protecting your curb from the effects of heaving soil. While individual blocks or bricks will shift overtime, our continuous concrete borders resist movement and cracking.


Q. Will the curbing crack?

A. Our systems are designed to resist cracking; however there is always a chance that cracking will occur. If you notice cracks forming in your concrete landscape border, please contact our office directly. We will be happy to repair the damage.


Q. What kind of terrain is decorative landscape edging designed for?

A. Concrete landscape borders are ideal for most any terrain. Our systems can be designed to accommodate curves, straight lines and slopes. Our borders can also be installed in a wide range of soils, including those with high clay contents.


Q. Sure it looks nice, but how effective is decorative landscape curbing at keeping grass out of my garden?

A. Concrete curbing has a proven track record of preventing grass from creeping into your landscape beds. The concrete border creates an impenetrable barrier between your lawn and your garden. And since the curb is built in one continuous piece, there’s no need to worry about grass or weeds growing between sections.


Q. Will the installation process damage my lawn or flowerbeds?

A. Absolutely not! In fact, we recommend that you plant your flowerbeds and install your sod prior to booking your landscape curbing project. Our installation process is quick and clean, providing you with a beautiful finished product.


Q. Will the colour of my decorative landscape edging fade?

A. You may experience a little fading over the lifetime of your concrete curbing, but this is normal in any outdoor colour application. Bluewater Borders recommends applying a sealer to your concrete curb every year in order to avoid fading.


Q. Can my children or pets damage the curbing?

A. If you have pets or children, it’s important that you keep them away from the curbing during the first 48 hours following installation. Your curbing will be very vulnerable at this time as the concrete starts to set. It is also important that you turn off any inground irrigation systems for at least two days following the installation.


If you’re planning to do any major planting or renovations to your flowerbeds, please consider doing this before the concrete borders are installed. It will take a few weeks for your curb to become fully hardened.


Have a question concerning our decorative curbing and landscape edging? Then give us a call at 519.859.3909 or email One of our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you.