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Keeping Grass Out With Decorative Landscape Edging


Once grass gets established in your garden, watch out! Many grasses can spread like wildfire, especially in nutrient-rich flower and vegetable beds. What’s more, grass is extremely resilient, resulting in hours of unwanted weeding. Luckily, there are some preventative steps that you can take to keep grass away from your gardens and groves.


How Does Grass Spread?

There are three ways that grass seeds can take hold and spread through your gardens:

  • Rhizomes (or roots) spread underground
  • Stolons or stems spread above ground
  • Seeds can be distributed by the wind or birds

What’s more, grass seeds can remain viable for many years, just waiting for the optimum conditions to run rampant in your garden landscaping.


Apply an Environmentally-Friendly Weed Killer

If you’re having trouble with persistent weeds in your garden, consider applying an environmentally friendly weed killer to your London, Ontario garden. Remember, chemical weed killers are no longer permitted in Ontario thanks to the ban on pesticides and herbicides. Two natural weed killers are salt and vinegar. Just be careful where you use salt solutions – salt water will sterilize the soil, making it impossible to grow anything in it. Vinegar is a safer spot treatment for pesky weeds. Simple pour it directly onto the weed’s roots.


Preventative Action

Take steps to protect your garden from the spread of unwanted grass. First, dig up as much of the grass as possible using a spade or trowel. Try to get as much of the root as possible to discourage any regrowth. Next, place cardboard or several layers of newspaper over your flowerbed. Cover the paper with approximately 3 centimetres of topsoil. When you’re ready to plant your flowers, poke holes through the cardboard or newspaper and bury the roots. The newspaper or cardboard will help to suffocate any weed regrowth during the spring growing season. Over time, the paper will break down and become mulch for your plants.


A thick layer of wood chips or gravel mulch can also help keep weeds away from your new garden. Simply spread the mulch throughout your garden, carefully so as not to disturb your new plants. If any weeds are able to push themselves through the cardboard, they’ll have their work cut out for them trying to work their way through this protective layer of ground coverage.


Be Edgy – The Importance of Garden Edging

Landscape edging is an effective way to provide a definable separation between your lawn and your garden. This method will maximize weed control and improve the appearance of your property. Decorative landscape curbing can be added to your landscape edging in order to create an impenetrable guard against creeping grass types. Concrete landscape edging stops the spread of rhizomes and stolons, and reduces the need for constant trimming and weeding. While other edging products can rust and rot, concrete garden edging remains vibrant for the life of your landscape. Decorative garden edging will also add an extra layer of visual interest to your property, providing a beautiful finish to your flowerbeds and landscaping.


Keep grass and weeds away with beautiful concrete lawn edging from Bluewater Borders. View our latest garden edging projects online now before booking a complimentary consultation.