Landscape Edging Styles

Transform your homes’ landscape with decorative concrete curbing and edging for your gardens, walkways and landscape. When applied properly, these types of finishing applications can really improve the appearance and value of your property. Bluewater Borders proudly offers three distinct border styles that can be further customized to suit your unique design requirements.


Mower's Edge

Mower’s Edge: The original “Mower’s Edge” border is designed with mowing in mind! The angled taper makes it easy for your lawn mower’s wheel to roll along the edge of the border without actually coming into contact with your decorative edge. As such, this decorative lawn curbing is ideal for use around your lawn edge, flowerbeds, tree rings and walkways.


Slant Border

Slant Border: A popular option for avid gardeners, our slanted decorative curb is great for showcasing stamping and textured finishes. This style of landscaping curb has the unique ability to hold in gardening materials, thanks to its high back design. One of our best sellers, the slant border adds impeccable detail to any landscaping installation. Like our slanted style? Then check out our lighted landscape edging design!



Regular (Block) Curbing: Block style separation is commonly used for commercial curbing and edging purposes. Designed with a more substantial look, block style curbing can stand up to even the heaviest of commercial lawn care equipment. And, because it’s set at ground level, it’s not easily seen from a distance, creating a groomed look that’s not overwhelmed by concrete divisions.



Don’t Forget About Drainage!


Why sacrifice style for function when you can have both with our concrete downspout drainage troughs? Constructed from the same reinforced concrete as our custom landscape borders, our downspouts provide impeccable drainage without compromising the quality of your landscape design. Be rid of ugly O pipes and plastic drainage lines for good. Incorporate concrete downspout drainage troughs from Bluewater Borders today to keep rain water away from your foundation walls and basement.


Love your landscape even more with professionally installed lawn edging from Bluewater Borders. Request a free project consultation using our online submission form today.

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