Concrete Curbing Patterns and Finishes

Bluewater Borders offers a wide range of concrete curbing patterns and finishes. Distinct and durable, our decorative concrete edging is a great investment for both homeowners and commercial property holders.


Fantastic Finishes and Textures


Bluewater Borders offers many elegant concrete curbing patterns and textures to choose from. Designed to look and feel like authentic brick, wood and stone installations, these eye-catching designs are actually created through precision stamping and rolling applications. Guaranteed stronger and more durable than traditional brick and stone retaining walls, concrete curbing provides a seamless barrier between your lawn and existing landscaping.


Choose from the following upscale designs:


Pair your finish with a texturized effect to create a look that’s truly unique. Broom finishing, sandblasting and the exposing of aggregate are three popular texturized options available at Bluewater Borders.


Add Colour to Your Design


Liven up your landscape by adding colour to your decorative lawn edging design. At Bluewater Borders, we offer a wide range of earth tones, perfect for mimicking natural materials and adding an additional layer of visual interest to your property. With the right products, technique and professional installation, your decorative landscape edging can resemble anything from smooth river stone to antiquated terra cotta tiles.


Let us create a custom concrete curb finish for you using the following border colours:


Brick Red




Tile Red


Sand Squall


Coloured concrete can be used to break up large areas and create a personalized finish for your property. Our unique colour blending techniques make it easy to mimic nature and avoid drawing attention to the functionality of your decorative lawn edging. If you’d rather camouflage the concrete paving next to your drainage ditch or pathway, simply let us know – we can create a custom finish that blends seamlessly with your surrounding landscape.

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